emuamericas, llc is committed to a philosophy of environmental and social responsibility. As a company, our focus and efforts are continually placed on improving our environmental footprint and our commitment extends to our partners in manufacturing, warehousing, and operations.
Our products offered are made from first quality materials which translate to a longer life cycle and are 100% recyclable; any scrap material from the manufacturing process is recycled to be used in other consumer products. The powder coating system for our tables and chairs is run on a continuous cycle which greatly reduces waste. Our shipping and packing materials contain up to 30% recycled post-consumer waste. And lastly, 98% of our chairs are stackable and all of our tables are flat-packed which greatly increase our container capacity which means fewer overall shipments and a lot less trucks on the road.
Our warehousing facility uses sky lights for its daily operation and has implemented a strong recycling program which includes all paper and corrugated materials as well as any damaged goods.
In the office we use electronic delivery methods for all correspondence with our customers and vendors including invoicing and receipt of payments.
emuamericas, llc has a longstanding tradition of donating discontinued and returned furniture to relief agencies, religious organizations, schools and non-profit groups.
We continuously look to make a positive impact within our local and global communities and strive to make responsible social and environmental choices.