Visit our website at www.emuamericas.com for complete product specifications.

All dimensions and weights shown are to be considered approximate as a majority of the products are manufactured in countries using the metric system; all measurements are converted from metric units.
EMU Group S.p.A and emuamericas, llc reserve the right to make improvements to its product design, and discontinue products or finish colors without prior notice.
Please note that all finishes on our marketing materials and website are approximate due to the variation in color monitors and the processes of photography and printing.

EMU Steel
Steel is the main product in the Iron and Steel Industry. EMU uses an alloy of Steel, Carbon Fe37 and with the rich know-how of technological and innovative procedures of surface treatments creates pleasing outdoor products. In the first phase, the material is degreased and covered with a layer of phosphatic micro-crystalline that assists to create a high anti-corrosive performance. The second phase is varnishing with a process of cathode electrodeposition (cataphoresis) which is the most technologically advanced method of protecting the metal for the outdoor elements. This process is done via several dipping tanks with the effect of a continuous electric field assisting in the deposition of a coat of finish. This process we call “e-coat”. The product is then colored by using a polyester powder coat to give its final appearance. EMU products made in steel are 100% recyclable at the end of their life cycle. EMU Steel products are available in a variety of powder coats, these colors can be found in the enclosed price list or on our website. Note that glossy (non-Antique) finishes on solid top tables are subject to greater wear and tear and scratches will occur. The clear coat on the Aluminum finish has shown a tendency to crackle and spider in climates where extreme temperature fluctuations exist. This does not affect the structural integrity of the product, and it is not covered under warranty.
A chemical element that does not exist in a pure state in nature, aluminum is a malleable and ductile metal with strong resistance to corrosion and oxidation, thus used in multiple applications in the production of outdoor furnishings. Our products are designed and fabricated through the careful selection of alloy materials and their chemical composition to produce a product guaranteed for optimal performance.
Our aluminum finishes come in different appearances depending on the product; lacquered, polished or matte. Please refer to our price list or website for each items’ surface details.
Synthetic Wicker
The synthetic wicker used in our products consists of either a fiber thread or a metal wire surrounded by thermoplastic polymers. Additives further improve the performance levels of this material, ensuring resistance to weathering, UV light and heat. This material is woven by hand on each item and worked with ancient craft traditions.
We offer several colors of synthetic wicker dependent on the item selected.
Teak is an extremely long lasting hardwood with high oil content and is suitable for outdoor use without the necessity of a sealing treatment. If not treated, the teak material turns into a silver-grey color. This is the natural protection from inside of the wood, which is considered an essential part of teak’s charm; this does not weaken the wood. Please note that if not sealed, the surface is exposed to staining. Since teak is a natural product, it is subject to color variations within the product and we cannot be held responsible. Teak can also crack due to constant changes in weather conditions which is not covered under our warranty.
A load-bearing fabric made by the process of thermal bonding, it is a PVC coated woven yarn. It has resistance to UV rays, atmospheric factors and sudden changes in temperature.
A few different EMU-Tex colors are available.
Tempered Glass
Our tempered glass is manufactured in compliance to the international standards BS 7376 and complies with the international standard BS 6206.

Each product at its inception is rigorously tested in house and with independent laboratories to assure a high quality outcome and UNI & CEI standards. All of our products are tested with a static weight of 250 lbs over 30,000 cycles to pass the commercial use application. Please contact us if BIFMA testing is required on a product.

Our EMU metal products have been tested for flammability and necessary documentation is available upon request.

Refer to the finish column in the price list for the availability of the product. We always recommend inquiring about the availability and lead time of quick ship stock and special order items.
Quick Ship
Quick ship products are continuously on order based on historical values; depending on quantity, quick ship items may have a maximum lead time of 6 weeks. We strive to keep substantial quantities of our bestsellers in stock at all times.
Special Order
Please allow 10-12 weeks lead time for special order items, excluding holiday weeks or factory shutdowns. Please note that Emu Group S.p.A is closed for the entire month of August and lead time for special orders received between June 15th and September 15th is 14-16 weeks.
Our custom RAL color program is finished in Pennsylvania, USA per the customer’s selection and is considered a special order item even if available as a quick ship item.

Some products require assembly; please refer to the instructions included with item packaging or visit our website for information on assembly instructions.


emuamericas, llc has a limited warranty on its product. Items are to be free from manufacturing defects in material and/or workmanship for structure and finish for a period of (1) one to (3) three years from date of invoice to original purchaser. This limited warranty does not apply to damage resulting from accident, alteration, misuse, tampering, negligence, abuse or normal wear and tear. All items must be properly assembled per instructions.
emuamericas, llc will, at its option, repair, replace or refund the purchase price of any items found defective upon inspection. We request a completed quality claim and an individual photograph for any item claimed in addition to a group photograph for multiple items for each incident.
The warranty is only valid if all parts that wear, such as chair foot caps, get replaced at least annually. Parts must be purchased within one month of replacement time and proper maintenance must be followed.
Product failure caused by a lack of reasonable and necessary care and maintenance is not covered under warranty.
Joe, Gus and Alf Table Tops are only warranted for a period of (2) two years.
Any folding chairs and tables, Cushions and Shade Equipment, Ted & Tom Table Tops are only warranted for a period of (1) one year.
Please note that our steel items are not recommended in installations proximate to salt water.
Wicker used on items is subject to wear and tear and is not covered under warranty.
Dealers are required to complete the product warranty registration form for all deliveries to their warehouse or pickups (warranty form does not have to be completed for drop shipments).
For full warranty information, please visit our website.


As with any equipment, proper and periodic maintenance is necessary to ensure longevity of the product and customer satisfaction. To ensure you get the most out of your investment, please follow our recommended maintenance and care instructions.
We recommend that the products be examined every 30 days. Items requiring adjustments, showing any sign of structural failure, that have missing hardware or that show any cracks at the welds should be taken out of service immediately until repaired.
Loose screws should be tightened as required and missing or worn out foot caps must be replaced.
To obtain replacement parts, please contact your local representation or local dealer.
Furniture should be handled with care. When chairs are stacked, the stack should not be dragged. Stackable chairs should not be dropped or slammed down when being un-stacked. People should not rock backwards or stand on any emuamericas’ item.
For storage, all furniture should be stored neatly, stacked to suggested height, and packed in a clean and dry area. Tables should not be flipped and stacked; any standing water needs to be removed to avoid damage to finish. Cushions that are stored for longer periods of time should be stored in a dry ventilated area.
NOTE: Warranty may be voided if proper maintenance or care is not followed.
Full maintenance and care instructions for each product can be found on our website at www.emuamericas.com

We make available all parts, hardware and touch-up paint for the current product line at minimal cost.


All prices published are “LIST” (unless otherwise noted) price per single unit, FOB Lebanon, PA 17042 Distribution Center and do not include shipping costs, taxes or installation. Due to frequent international monetary fluctuations, we reserve the right to change prices without notice.

All authorized emuamericas, llc dealers and e-commerce dealers who resell our products to end users located in the United States must adhere to emuamericas’ established MAP (minimum advertised price) of 40% off the current list price. This MAP policy applies to all advertisements of our products in any and all media, but does not apply to the price at which products are actually sold or offered for sale to a consumer within the reseller’s location or over the telephone.
Our policy does not establish maximum advertised prices; all resellers may offer our products at any price in the excess of the MAP pricing.
Prices listed on an internet site are considered “advertised price” and must adhere to this MAP policy. Once the pricing is associated with an intent to purchase (added to the shopping cart or order), the price becomes the selling price and is not bound by this MAP Policy.


Please contact your local emuamericas representative for quotes. All quotations received from emuamericas or our sales representatives are valid for (30) days unless prolonged in writing.

Quick ship items cannot be reserved or held unless a 50% deposit is received.

Minimum order is $ 500 NET or a $50 NET fee will apply; not applicable to parts and samples.

A $20 NET break pack charge will be incurred for any broken master pack on quick ship items, excluding sample orders. Special order items must be purchased by the master pack quantity.

emuamericas, llc only accepts orders by customers who have a resale certificate. All orders are subject to acceptance by emuamericas, llc. Orders must be received by fax, mail or e-mail on company purchase order form or letterhead. Purchase Orders must be complete including: item#, quantity, color finish, required on site date, ship to address, shipping instructions and contact name and phone number of receiver. If a Call Before is required, please supply this information at time of order.
Orders must be approved by the credit department before being confirmed. Invoices are faxed, mailed or e-mailed with tracking information the day of shipment.

Order acceptance will be made in the form of an Order Confirmation with an estimated ship date assigned and lead times/estimated warehouse arrivals (EWA) listed after each line item if applicable. Order Confirmations need to be reviewed for corrections immediately upon receipt; emuamericas, llc will not be held responsible for any errors or missing information on order confirmation. Orders are shipped at earliest 48 hours from order confirmation date

All estimated ship dates are approximate only. emuamericas, llc cannot be held responsible for financial damages due to late shipping.
All orders are subject to delay or failure of delivery due to problems with source of supply, transportation, war, riots, fire, accidents, compliance with government regulations, strikes, Acts of God, or other causes beyond our control.

All order revisions and cancellations must be submitted to our corporate office in writing 2 business days prior to the estimated ship date on the order confirmation.
If an order is changed or stopped on the day of shipment, a $100 fee will be assessed. Please note that if a shipment has left the warehouse and a revision or cancellation is received, the customer is liable for additional storage charges and freight costs. Items held at our distribution center for over 30 days will incur storage charges calculated at $100 NET per week per pallet.
All revision acceptances must be acknowledged by emuamericas, llc on an updated order confirmation.

emuamericas, llc is required to charge sales tax for drop shipments into any of the states where we have nexus unless our customer is registered to collect sales tax in that state and provides required documentation. (see resale certificates below)
If a customer wishes to pick up the product at our FOB point (Lebanon, PA), the buyer must remit a valid PA Exemption Certificate (REV-1220) or pay the PA sales tax.
We are registered to collect sales tax in the following states and cities: California, Colorado & Denver, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas and Washington.
As a distributor with headquarters in the State of Colorado, City & County of Denver, we are required to charge sales tax for any deliveries into the city of Denver, unless a City & County of Denver resale certificate is presented.
If Sales Tax is not charged on our invoice, then Use Tax may be due, please consult your local & state tax laws or a tax advisor for details.

emuamericas, llc requires a copy of the necessary State Resale Certificates in order to make the transaction exempt from sales taxes for the states we are required to collect sales.
Resale Certificates must be presented in prior to the order shipping, if the order has shipped with tax included, it is the customers’ responsibility to request a credit with the state as the resale certificate was not presented to emuamericas in a timely matter.

Shipping and routing instructions are required for each 3rd party shipment. If no such instructions are received we have the right to ship by the carrier of our choice (BESTWAY). If billing third party, the payer’s discount program will take precedence; please consult your carrier for a freight quote.
emuamericas, llc offers a Prepaid and Add Freight Program to facilitate the quoting process. This is a guaranteed freight percentage rate based on the order total via our preferred carriers.
Customer pick up is available from our distribution center, special requirements must be met; any missed appointments may be subject to additional fees.

We offer freight estimates for orders below $1,000 net or above $10,000 net. Due to the volatility of freight rates, estimates are only valid for 7 business days. For all other net purchase amount, please refer to our freight plan guide.


First time customers are required to pay their first order in full before shipment. Upon the first order shipped, the customer may request to complete a credit application to be submitted to emuamericas’ accounting department for approval. We require a commitment of $25,000 annual volume for credit terms to be established.

Each of the following requires a 50% non-refundable deposit prior to the order being placed into production:
• All special order items
• Our RAL program items (even if quick ship)
• Cushions
• Direct containers
• Any orders larger than 200 pieces or above $20,000.

ACH, certified, corporate and personal checks, wire transfer and credit card are accepted payment methods.
Orders requiring pre-payment and paid via corporate or personal check are subject to a 7 business day clearing period hold prior to shipment.
We accept: Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit cards. An additional 4% will be added for all credit cards transactions (deposits, purchases and invoice payments).
Wire transfers carry an additional charge of $15.
Any and all returned checks will be assessed a $45 fee; these checks will be automatically re-presented to the bank after 3 days.

To establish credit terms, a customer must meet emuamericas’ credit requirements and complete our credit application. We require a commitment of $25,000 annual volume for credit terms to be established. emuamericas, llc uses Dunn & Bradstreet as its reporting service for establishing account status with new customers.
Standard credit terms are Net 30 days from date of invoice with customer’s credit information on file. Other terms may be available and will be indicated on the Order Confirmation and Invoice.
Prompt payment is requested and must be sent to arrive by the due date stated on each invoice. Failure to pay within the terms of the invoice may result in your account being placed on credit hold and subject to late fees at a rate of 1½% per month; late fees will be automatically added to your account balance. No further shipments will be made until all past due invoices are fully paid.

No deductions may be made from remittance without written authorization from emuamericas, llc.

In event of delinquency, the customer shall be responsible for all collection costs, including attorney’s fees incurred by emuamericas, llc.

Should a refund be required due to overpayment, this may only be processed after the completion of the related purchase order. A completion of purchase order is when the order is shipped and invoiced.


VIA 3rd party
If a specific carrier was requested on the purchase order, the customer takes full responsibility for all freight issues, including contacting the carrier, damages, losses, additional freight charges and claims.

Before accepting and signing for the merchandise from the carrier, inspect all cartons for visible or concealed damage and clearly note any loss or damage on the delivery receipt/BOL. If there is loss or damage, make an immediate claim with the delivering carrier. In the event of concealed damage, save all cartons and packing materials, and notify the freight carrier and emuamericas, llc immediately for inspection.
Missing items/parts/hardware claims against us will be considered only if filed with us in writing within 5 days of delivery date. Failure to make such claim shall constitute acceptance of the merchandise and waiver of any defects, errors, or shortages.
emuamericas, llc is not responsible for damage or loss incurred in transit. All furniture is shipped at the purchaser’s own risk after it has been inspected and securely packed at the distribution center. It is accepted as such by the freight carrier.

If a shipment is refused, re-consigned, re-delivered, stored or additional services are rendered, the customer is responsible for all additional charges incurred, and applicable re-stocking fee.

Special order items, parts, our custom RAL program and cushions are made to your specifications and are not returnable or refundable.
Quick Ship items may be returned within 30 days from the invoice date with an RMA. Items must be received in original condition, original boxes including all original interior packaging and palletized for a full refund minus the restocking fee.

A minimum of 25% restocking fee will be charged for the return of quick ship items in original condition.
Credit for returns will only be issued after receipt and inspection of returned merchandise.
Damaged returns are subject to additional charges incurred to restore goods to original condition or customer may reclaim the items FOB Lebanon PA 17042 if determined credit amount is insufficient.
No return of merchandise will be accepted to our Lebanon, PA Distribution Center without our written consent via RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number, which includes the appropriate shipping instructions. Unauthorized returns will be refused and/or returned freight collect. RMA # is only valid for 15 days from issue date. A copy of the RMA must accompany the returned merchandise, and the RMA # must appear on each carton returned.
Any additional cartons needed for return will be charged to your account. No credit will be issued for goods without our written consent.