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Elevate Your Space with EMU's Versatile Table System

Elevate Your Space with EMU's Versatile Table System

Elevate Your Space with EMU's Versatile Table System

Looking to revamp your commercial space with furniture that seamlessly blends functionality and style?

Look no further than the Table System by EMU Design Centre. This innovative line of steel tables is designed to cater to diverse needs, offering a comprehensive solution for various settings.

At the heart of the Table System's versatility are its round, square, and rectangular tops, providing options to suit different spatial requirements and design preferences. Whether you're hosting a casual meeting, a formal event, or simply need a space for collaboration, these tables adapt effortlessly to any occasion.

What sets the Table System apart is its flexibility.

With the option for a fixed or tilt/nest top position, you have the freedom to configure the tables to suit your specific layout or storage needs. Need to create extra space when not in use? Simply tilt or nest the tops for a streamlined look that maximizes floor space.

Moreover, the attention to detail is evident in the design choices, including the edge options available for the tops.

Whether you prefer a sleek round edge, a contemporary square edge, or a sophisticated beveled edge, the Table System offers customization to complement any aesthetic.

To make the selection process even easier, the quick-ship program features three sizes in two finishes, all with tilt/nest functionality and beveled-edge tops. This ensures that you can elevate your space promptly without compromising on quality or design.

But the benefits don't end there. The Table System seamlessly integrates with any chairs from EMU's extensive collections, allowing you to create cohesive and harmonious environments that exude style and functionality.

Ready to explore the full Table System collection?

Whether it's a bustling café, a dynamic coworking hub, or a chic restaurant, elevate your space with furniture that elevates both form and function.